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Efforts Are For Happiness.

Kalyanasundaram Charitable Trust was established during 2018 to provide numerous humanitarian and magnanimous service.

The aim is to nurture the underprivileged with health and nutritious food and deliver quality education to enhance their life. The trust has also established strategic alliances with establishments that have the technical proficiency and experience to undertake various programmes in the identified focus areas of operation.

I hope you’ll join with us as we visualize a world where there is always cheerfulness

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How We Can Help

Kalyanasundaram Charitable Trust takes care of Child development in some of the most isolated and societies around the world and train the new generations with proper nutrition, health care, quality education and safety

  • Promote child education

  • Empower the youth

  • Live long and prosper

  • Fight contagious diseases

Trust Services


Education is the most powerful tool that enhances and boosts one’s life. Quality education helps encourage equality, good health & Social modernization.

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A health-attentive consolation & development conglomerate that help people with transformative medicines, medical supplies & wellness programs.

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We serve the needy with Nutritious & Balanced Foods that nourish and nurture their living. Malnutrition, poverty & hunger are the root causes.

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