About Trust

Efforts Are For Happiness.

Kalyanasundaram Charitable Trust was established during 2018 to provide numerous humanitarian and magnanimous service.

The aim is to nurture the underprivileged with health and nutritious food and deliver quality education to enhance their life. The trust has also established strategic alliances with establishments that have the technical proficiency and experience to undertake various programmes in the identified focus areas of operation.

I hope you’ll join with us as we visualize a world where there is always cheerfulness

  • To conserve the natural resources and existing natural surroundings and, where possible, to restore damage and reverse trends
  • We are impassioned about creating a healthier earth. We aggressively organize as many volunteers, associates, participants, supporters and contributors as possible to make healthcare more attainable for all individuals.
  • Help the destitute and deprived in whatever way we can to bring happiness and smile on their face.
  • To support the Academies by building upon their robustness so that they can function together to attain expeditious academic evolution.
  • We will work persistently until everybody has access to a healthy life.
  • Our main focus is on boosting people’s health and happiness, helping individuals lift themselves out of malnutrition and extreme deprivation.
  • Quality education to the children, they need safe, secure, nurturing learning environments excellence and proficiency in education where they are fully equipped with excellence to meet high level standards.
  • Medical help to the needy, we serve humanity at great by providing them with top healthcare. The greatest accomplishment in one’s life is to believe that a life can be saved with best health practices and medical support.

  • A Sustainable future – Preserving, protecting and safeguarding the natural environment.